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Supply to us

Supplying to Bravus

As Bravus Mining and Resources, we are committed to creating sustainable economic opportunities for local, regional and Traditional Owner communities.

Our commitment to a regional-first procurement strategy continues with a focus on providing full, fair and reasonable opportunities to suppliers who can support and prioritise:

  • Employment from our operational footprint
  • Procurement and contracting from regional Queensland
  • Employment of Traditional Owners
  • Procurement and contracting with Traditional Owners

During the construction phase of the Carmichael Mine and Rail Project we paid more than $1 billion to regional Queensland contractors and businesses for the supply of equipment, services, components and other materials.

Now that we are in operations, our commitment to engaging suppliers to directly benefit regional Queensland remains.

Opportunities to supply goods and services across our operations

At Bravus Mining and Resources, we recognise that as a member of the regional Queensland community, our purchasing decisions contribute significantly to local economies and regional building capability.

Bravus Mining and Resources sits within the corporate umbrella of Bravus (formerly Adani Australia), the overarching brand for the Adani Group’s Australian businesses.

The Group has five distinct companies in regional Australia - Bravus Mining and Resources (formerly Adani Mining), Rugby Run solar farm, Bowen Rail Company, Abbot Point Operations, and North Queensland Export Terminal.  

Opportunities to supply to Bravus Mining and Resources, are promoted on our supplier portal, VendorPanel.


If you are interested in becoming a supplier to Bravus Mining and Resources, please register on VendorPanel.

Register on VendorPanel

Information for suppliers who are providing goods and services

Our suppliers are our partners, and when you are engaged by Bravus Mining and Resources, you will receive a purchase order number before the commencement of any work. This purchase order number is either in support of an executed contract, or issued directly to you under the following terms and conditions:

Bravus Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Sample of Bravus Purchase Order

We are committed to paying our suppliers on time and to working together to improve our invoicing and payment practices. To ensure expedite the payment process, the following details must be included on your invoice:

  • Purchase order number
  • Purchase order line details
  • Business contact
  • Your name, and contact details
  • Your ABN, and where GST is applicable, the invoice must meet Australian Tax Invoice guidelines.

Heading to site

The Carmichael Mine is located in central Queensland’s Galilee Basin, and the mine’s operations comply with comprehensive regulatory conditions.

As a remote location more than 160km northwest of Clermont, there are several regulatory and compliance requirements for suppliers and contractors entering the Carmichael mine lease area.

It is always important to connect with your Bravus contact to confirm you understand and can comply with all site requirements prior to arriving to site.