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Environmental Management

Bravus Mining and Resources is committed to respecting the environment in which we operate. The Carmichael Project has some of the strictest environmental conditions ever imposed on a mining project in Australia. Our environmental plans and strategies were prepared by scientific experts and many of these plans also reviewed by third-party specialists.

These strict environmental conditions are in place across the entire project, to reduce the Carmichael Mine's environmental impact and ensure healthy air, land and water in areas in which we operate. Our environmental conditions and environmental management plans were developed in conjunction with experts with many of these plans also reviewed by third-party specialists.

These comprehensive environmental management plan for mining project conditions cover everything from water management, dust control, flora and fauna management, fencing, fire management, to progressive mine site rehabilitation.

This level of rigorous scientific scrutiny is in place to give the community confidence that the Carmichael Mine will be operated responsibly and sustainably.


Bravus Mining and Resources is committed to respecting the environment, and as such, has some of the strictest environmental conditions imposed on a mining project in Australia. Our environmental plans and strategies were prepared by scientific experts.

Environmental reporting and approvals


Environmental Management at Carmichael Mine – A snapshot

Water Management at the Carmichael Mine

Water is a precious resource and Bravus is committed to its sustainable use in the construction and operation of our Carmichael Mine.

Like every other Australian mine, water use is strictly regulated at the Carmichael Mine.

The sources of water the mine uses and when, and how much water is used, is all detailed in the conditions and regulations set by the Australian and Queensland Governments.

These conditions and limits have been determined based on comprehensive scientific assessments as part of the approval processes for the mine.

Bravus monitors and reports on these activities to sustainably manage our water use.

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Groundwater Monitoring and Management Plan

Groundwater monitoring is conducted every two months to observe and record water levels and water quality at more than 135 sites around the Carmichael mine.

Bravus’ environmental team and research scientist partners work with neighbouring landholders, Traditional Owners, and regulators to perform the real-time and on-the-ground monitoring required to deliver this comprehensive program.

The information gathered is reported to Bravus Mining and Resources and to regulators and informs a process of checking any actual groundwater drawdown impacts via sensitive early warning triggers.

Bravus Mining and Resources has now provided more than two years of monitoring data. This data is available on our website, and the evidence shows our open-cut mining operation is fully compliant with its strict environmental approvals.


Black-throated Finch Management Plan

The Black-throated Finch (the finch) is a small native bird known for a distinctive black mark beneath its beak. The finch is found south of Townsville and in the Brigalow Belt and Desert Uplands bioregions. The finch is also found near our Carmichael Mine.

As part of the environmental approval conditions for the Carmichael Mine, Bravus has developed a targeted Management Plan to protect the population of local finches and their habitat.

Furthermore, we have set aside the Moray Downs West offset area, 33,000 hectares of land for the protection of the Black-throated Finch. This is one of the largest privately managed conservation area in Queensland. The conservation area is 126 times the size of the 10mtpa Carmichael Mine area.

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Carmichael Mine Rehabilitation Plan

Bravus’ rehabilitation conditions for the Carmichael coal mine and rail project environmental management plan are outlined in detail in both the Environmental Authority (the EA), and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Just like all Queensland coal mines, the Carmichael Mine has comprehensive rehabilitation conditions and will be subject to the same rules and conditions that apply to existing coal mines to reduce environmental impact of mining.

Progressive rehabilitation will be undertaken at the Carmichael Mine, which involves the staged restoration of disturbed areas during the exploration, construction or development and resource extraction phases of a mining project, instead of large-scale works at the end of operations.

Bravus is committed to ensuring to ensure that land disturbed by mining activities is progressively rehabilitated to a safe and stable landform that does not cause adverse environmental impact and can sustain an approved post-mining land use.  

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