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Sustainable mining

Sustainable mining

Sustainable mining

Sustainable Mining at Bravus

At Bravus Mining and Resources, we are committed to sustainable mining. We base our sustainable mining operations on principles from the United Nations’ World Commission of Environment and Development’s landmark Our Common Future Report.

This report states that sustainable development “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

For mining and resources industries, this means being technically appropriate, environmentally sound, socially responsible and financially profitable. It involves the responsible management of “the triple bottom line” of economic development, environmental impact, and social concerns.

Our environment plans and strategies were written by expert scientists and environmental engineers, and many were also reviewed by independent specialists. These plans and strategies have guided the development, construction, and operations of the Carmichael Mine and Rail Project.

At Bravus, we have a strong focus on sustainable mining in both our operations and beyond.

Is mining in Australia sustainable?

Australia’s resources industry boasts world-leading mining and sustainability frameworks. Strong regulatory requirements, voluntary industry codes and growing community standards have led to effective mitigation and management of potential negative impacts at contemporary mines.

Community and environmental considerations are critical when planning, developing, and operating mines across the country. The Minerals Council of Australia’s Enduring Value Framework For Sustainable Development guides mining companies on how to apply International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) Sustainable Development Framework Principles in their operations.

The Australian resources industry has adopted the Towards Sustainable Mining® (TSM) framework to reinforce the industry’s commitment to sustainability. TSM is an award-winning, independent accountability framework for resources companies to evaluate, manage, and communicate their sustainability performance.

Mining and sustainability

For mining companies operating in Australia, mining and sustainability are not just good business, it is core business. From planning for the development of mines through to operations and the end of mine life, responsible mining solutions are paramount. We aim for safety, economic development of communities, efficient extraction techniques and technologies, community engagement and comprehensive environmental safeguards.

Mining and sustainability can and do coexist in Australia.

For Bravus, sustainable mining is critical. We have always believed in responsible mining and energy production, with companies working in partnership with communities to generate positive outcomes. As we continue the next phase of Bravus’ operations in Australia, we remain committed to a sustainable mining future.

We aim to ensure safety

Everyone who enters our sites completes a full safety induction to ensure both their safety and that of others. This includes a Field Leadership Program for mine and rail operations, and the introduction of the Rsured platform for safety and health management.[7]

We aim to benefit our communities

The Carmichael Mine and Rail Project generated more than 2600 direct jobs. This included apprentices and trainees, as well as jobs with competitive salaries in regional areas. More than $1.5bn was awarded in contracts. Likewise, our Community Partnerships Program contributed more than $1.5m to more than 50 local organisations from hospital equipment to swimming pool upgrades and drought relief.

We aim to create positive impacts for First Nations

We are working to implement in full our important Indigenous Participation Plan. We’re on track to meet our targets of $7.5m worth of Indigenous education bursaries and pre-employment programs, at least one in 10 traineeships for First Nations people and a minimum 7.5 per cent Indigenous employment target. We’re also on our way to spend $250m with Indigenous contracting and business development.

We aim to manage our environment sustainably

Coal from Carmichael Mine is of high quality, while the volume of waste material is relatively low. The resulting low-strip ratio means the Carmichael Mine efficient and disrupts less earth than other mines globally. We developed more than 100 management plans and strategies for the Carmichael Project, from site-specific works to minimise carbon emissions, to reducing truck haulage routes and using solar-generated energy to power radio communications.