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Woongal Environmental Services announced as finalists in QRC Indigenous Awards

15 June 2023

Woongal Environmental Services announced as finalists in QRC Indigenous Awards

Bravus Mining and Resources partner Woongal Environmental Services has been recognised as one of Queensland’s leading Indigenous businesses for its environmental work at the Carmichael mine near Clermont in central Queensland.

The Rockhampton-based Wangan and Jagalingou-certified business has been named a finalist in the Exceptional Indigenous Business category at the 2023 QRC Indigenous Awards.

Woongal has conducted extensive water, land, and nature monitoring and management for more than three years on Bravus’ mining and pastoral leases, supporting industry-leading groundwater monitoring and world-first research into the Black-throated Finch.

Bravus Mining and Resources Chief Operating Officer Mick Crowe said Woongal’s environmental services were delivering real value.

“Woongal conducts monitoring and reporting on the environment across our pastoral lease and 33,000-hectare conservation zone, which is one of the largest privately managed conservation areas in Queensland,” he said.

“The work the team are doing has improved these ecosystems through effective weed management, cultural burning practices, and better livestock grazing practices.”

Bravus had sought to work with Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owner companies as part of its commitment to local First Nations communities and businesses, and initially engaged Woongal for monitoring and surveying across the mining lease and in the Doongmabulla Springs Complex area.

Since then, Woongal has expanded its services at the Carmichael mine - more than 300km from the coast and 160km from Clermont - to include fauna spotting and catching, erosion and sedimentation control, weed and pest management, fencing, research into groundwater-dependent ecosystems, and road and track maintenance.

“These environmental services are critical to understanding local groundwater and land ecosystems, and, more importantly, knowing that we are mining in a responsible way,” Mr Crowe said.

Woongal General Manager Michael Bragg said the partnership provided an opportunity for Indigenous people to deepen their connection to Country through science-based practice.

“For many of our staff, it was their first time back on Country for generations,” Mr Bragg said.

“This partnership is not only providing jobs and opportunities, it’s building that connection to Country for our staff and growing the knowledge of traditional land-management practices.”

A dozen people have been employed as a result of the contracts Woongal Environmental Services has received from Bravus Mining and Resources.

Bravus Mining and Resources works with the Clermont-Belyando (formerly Wangan and Jagalingou) People, Jangga People, Birriah People, and Juru People under the guidance of individual Indigenous Land Use Agreements and Cultural Heritage Management Plans so that the rights, history, future intentions, and requests of local First Nations people are respected.

The company also has an Indigenous Participation Plan that sets out its commitments to improving Indigenous education, training, employment and business participation both now, and for generations to come.

The winners of the QRC Indigenous Awards will be announced in a gala ceremony at the W Hotel in Brisbane on Tuesday 20 June. More information about the awards is available here.


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