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Statement from Adani Mining - Emissions Facts

15 March 2019

Statement from Adani Mining - Emissions Facts

“We recognise that people have differing opinions on mining thermal coal and the Carmichael Project, however it is important that they have the facts before joining a protest. 

“The process of mining 10 million tonnes of coal per annum at the Carmichael mine will produce 240,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. To put this in perspective Queensland overall produces more than 95.7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year. 

The Carmichael Mine’s emissions will be less than 0.04% of Australia’s emissions, and less than 0.0006% of global emissions. 

“When our coal is burnt overseas to generate electricity the amount of carbon dioxide that will be produced will represent less than 0.04% of global emissions. 

“What’s more is if Adani does not provide Queensland’s Carmichael coal to India, other countriescoal suppliers are ready to fill the gap with coal of a lesser quality in comparison to ours. 

“For example, the coal could come from Indonesia where the coal has over 28% higher greenhouse gas emissions. 

“That means that denying other countries access to superior quality thermal coal like ours will not only disadvantage them environmentally, it will also mean that instead of jobs being created here in Queensland to mine our coal that those jobs will be exported to other countries at the expense of Queenslanders.” 

“It’s time to have a debate on facts not fearmongering.” 


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On November 5th, Adani Mining officially changed it’s name to Bravus Mining and Resources. This media release was issued prior to this change.