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Shocking photos expose truth of unauthorised anti-coal activist camp at Carmichael mine

14 August 2023

Shocking photos expose truth of unauthorised anti-coal activist camp at Carmichael mine

Shocking new photos have exposed the disgraceful state of an unauthorised protest camp on Bravus Mining and Resources’ Mining Lease near Clermont in central Queensland.

Anti-coal activists have maintained a protest camp on the Carmichael Mining Lease for almost two years.

The photos of the protest camp show dirty mattresses and bedding heaped alongside containers of rancid food, loose aerosol cans, rusting gas cylinders, an old fridge, and piles of broken tents and camping furniture dumped in and around dilapidating tin and timber and canvas structures.

One of the photos features a rooster left to pick its way through the trash strewn across the site.

A Bravus Mining and Resources spokesperson said it was disappointing that anti-coal activists, including prominent campaigner Coedie McAvoy who was regularly at the camp, had left the area in such a disgraceful state.

Mr McAvoy opposes the mine, in contrast to the overwhelming majority of Traditional Owners who negotiated an Indigenous Land Use Agreement with Bravus Mining and Resources and are working proactively with the company to manage cultural heritage and the environment at the mine.

“The anti-coal activists should do the right thing and clean up their disgraceful mess, and then leave our Mining Lease entirely,” the spokesperson said.

“Instead, groups like the Mackay Conservation Group, Friends of the Earth, and Frontline Action on Coal are spending their time on social media inviting other activists to come to our mine site in a few weeks’ time to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the camp, it’s outrageous.

“Mr McAvoy stands shoulder-to-shoulder with these climate activists who help fund and organise this protest camp. The anti-fossil fuel movement regularly use photos and videos of the camp, McAvoy, and his associates in their international public relations campaigns to harm the Australian coal export industry - but deliberately keep the piles of rubbish out of the frame.

“The activists ignore the fact that the Wangan and Jagalingou (W&J) Traditional Owners voted 294 to 1 in favour of the Indigenous Land Use Agreement for the mine to protect their cultural heritage and bring lasting benefits to them and their families.

“Cultural heritage works at Carmichael are managed according to the legally binding agreements in place between Bravus Mining and Resources and the W&J people.

“The Elders who make up the Cultural Heritage Committee are the First Nations authority on cultural heritage matters at the Carmichael mine and they both approve cultural heritage clearance works and appoint one or more of the 70 Traditional Owners who perform and monitor these activities.”

Mr McAvoy is due to appear in Emerald Magistrates Court today (8 August) to face two charges of common assault. The charges were brought by Queensland Police after Mr McAvoy allegedly assaulted an Indigenous environmental ranger and a Bravus Mining and Resources security guard as the pair went about their routine and lawful work on the Carmichael Mining Lease on 27 February 2023.

The alleged assault occurred after Mr McAvoy made public threats to Carmichael’s Indigenous workforce via his social media channels, stating ‘If you think you can come into my backyard with a stupid ar** Adani security, you are sorely mistaken’.

Mr McAvoy went on to say in that video posted to social media: ‘If I have to lay punishment on every single one of those people who come out here and they don’t come through my ceremony, then I will lay that punishment on them myself’.


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