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Response to United Nations committee regarding Native Title

25 January 2019

Response to United Nations committee regarding Native Title

“Adani will always respect Australian legislation on Native Title. 

“The issues raised by the United Nations committee are matters which have received transparent consideration and assessment under Australian law and before the Australian Courts. The Court has found on numerous occasions that the allegations made have absolutely "no merit". 

“Adrian Burragubba does not speak for all Wangan and Jagalingou (W&J) People. The W&J People have strongly supported the indigenous land use agreement with Adani by a vote of 294 to 1 and Mr Burragubba refuses to accept the voice of his own people. 

“Adrian Burragubba has taken numerous legal actions against the Adani Carmichael Project and the courts have repeatedly said he has no case. 

“Activists should be held to account, they are not above the law. Mr Burragubba has been ordered by the Court to pay costs of more than $600,000. 

“It should be noted that Mr Burragubba has been urged on by environmental groups. One such group is the foreign-backed Sunrise Project that recently made a $495,000 donation to GetUp! The Sunrise Project, at one stage offered to pay $325,000 to the W&J if they opposed the Adani Carmichael project. 

“If Adani receives the funds from Mr Burragubba they will be passed on to charities. 

“We will continue to engage with the Traditional Owners as identified on the National Native Title and Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Registers, as we are legally bound to do under guidance of the Indigenous Land Use Agreements and the Cultural Heritage Management Plans in place since 2014.” 


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On November 5th, Adani Mining officially changed it’s name to Bravus Mining and Resources. This media release was issued prior to this change.