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Response to questions on sediment control

5 August 2021

Response to questions on sediment control

The following statement can be attributed to a Bravus Mining and Resources spokesperson:

“The Queensland Government has already conducted investigations into our sediment and erosion controls earlier this year and they have confirmed that the measures onsite are adequate.   We continue to operate with the necessary sediment and erosion controls required for our Project.

“The Mackay Conservation Group has a history of making baseless and false allegations.  

“We reject the allegations that have been made and have serious concerns as to the nature and legitimacy of the information that the Mackay Conversation Group claims to be the basis of their complaint. 

“Allegations made by the Group in February this year about our sediment and erosion control measures were also shown to be incorrect.  

“This is the latest tactic in a decade-long misinformation campaign by the anti-fossil fuel movement in Australia to undermine the reputation of the Carmichael Project and halt or delay its construction.

“Bravus takes our environmental obligations seriously and we have erosion and sediment control measures in place at our construction sites to ensure we comply with our environmental approvals for daily operations and extreme weather events. 

“We are subject to regular sediment and erosion inspections across our sites to ensure the quality of the controls, including inspections from the Office of the Coordinator General.

“The Carmichael Project has some of the strictest environmental conditions ever imposed on a mining project in Australia.

“Bravus holds over 100 environmental approvals, and manages thousands of conditions and commitments to the environment.

“Our environmental plans and strategies were prepared by experts with many of these plans also reviewed by third-party specialists.”