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Response to protest activity near Carmichael Rail Network site.

24 March 2021

Response to protest activity near Carmichael Rail Network site.

The following statement can be attributed to an Bravus Mining & Resources spokesperson:

UPDATE: Officers from the Queensland Police Service have attended site and removed all protestors.

“This morning a small group of anti-coal activists from Frontline Action on Coal (FLAC) could have been killed or seriously injured when they used illegal attachment devices to lock on to equipment near the Carmichael Rail Network construction site.“We have received unverified claims from activists on their social media accounts that one activist came into contact with a work vehicle and another was attached to a conveyor belt using an illegal dragon sleeve device, when the belt was energised.

“We are working with the Queensland Police Service to investigate the claims and to manage the current protest activity.

“Activists who trespass on our construction site have no idea of the dangers of being around heavy construction equipment. Everyone who enters our site undertakes full safety inductions, and complies with safety procedures to ensure their own safety and that of those around them.

“This is why activists who enter our site illegally are putting themselves and our workers in danger. We plead with them for their own safety to stop doing this.

 “Everyone has the right to express their opinion, provided they are doing so in a way that is legal, safe and does not put themselves, our employees or community members in harm’s way. Today’s actions by this anti-coal activist were not legal or safe for themselves or anyone around them.”

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