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Coedie McAvoy in court for alleged assault of Carmichael mine workers

12 April 2023

Coedie McAvoy in court for alleged assault of Carmichael mine workers

Anti-coal activist Coedie McAvoy will remain on bail after not entering a plea in Clermont Magistrates Court today on criminal charges brought against him by the Queensland Police for the alleged assault of two Queensland mine workers.

Mr McAvoy was arrested after he allegedly assaulted an Indigenous environmental ranger and a Bravus Mining and Resources security guard as the pair went about their routine and lawful work on the Carmichael mining lease, near Clermont in central Queensland, on 27 February 2023.

It is alleged the assault occurred when Mr McAvoy and an associate used a trail bike to block the track the workers were driving on, which forced them to stop.

Mr McAvoy then opened the door of the vehicle the Bravus workers were travelling in and allegedly assaulted the Indigenous environmental ranger and the Bravus security guard.

A Bravus Mining and Resources spokesperson said the alleged assault followed a series of threats Mr McAvoy had made against Traditional Owners who are working to manage cultural heritage and the environment at the Carmichael mine.

Mr McAvoy has been camping on the Carmichael mining lease without permission for more than 18 months. He opposes the mine, in contrast to the majority of Traditional Owners who negotiated an Indigenous Land Use Agreement with Bravus Mining and Resources and are working proactively with the company to manage cultural heritage and the environment at the mine.

“Two weeks prior to the alleged assault, Mr McAvoy made public threats to our Indigenous workforce via his social media channels, stating ‘If you think you can come into my backyard with a stupid ar** Adani security, you are sorely mistaken’,” the spokesperson said.

“Mr McAvoy went on to say: ‘If I have to lay punishment on every single one of those people who come out here and they don’t come through my ceremony, then I will lay that punishment on them myself’.

“We continue to provide support to the two victims of the alleged assault, as well as to their colleagues who have been badly shaken by the incident and fear they may be targeted next.

“Like every law-abiding Queenslander, mine workers and cultural heritage workers at our Carmichael mine have the right to feel safe at work and go about their jobs free from intimidation, harassment, or violence.”

Mr McAvoy has been charged with two counts of common assault. Mr McAvoy is now due to appear at the Clermont Magistrates Court in central Queensland on 3 May 2023.


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