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Carmichael coal is not suitable for use in plastics

18 June 2021

Carmichael coal is not suitable for use in plastics

The following statement can be attributed to a Bravus Mining and Resources spokesperson:

“The Guardian has published a story this week which suggests that Carmichael coal would be used in plastics, based on a planning document for a proposed PVC business in India that they have seen from another Adani Group company.

“Carmichael coal, like any other traditional thermal coal, is not suitable for use in plastics. It is suitable for use in energy and electricity generation and has always been intended for that use.

“The planning document for the proposed PVC business refers to sourcing suitable thermal, coking, or petcoke from Australia, Russia and other countries. 

“The PVC facility will require a blend of coals of different specifications which are outside the Carmichael mine production plan. 

“India will be a foundation customer for the Carmichael Project and is the fourth largest global user of electricity as well as the source of the biggest growth in global energy demand (source International Energy Agency).


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