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Bravus Statement on Compliance Notices

27 November 2020

Bravus Statement on Compliance Notices

The following statement can be attributed to a Bravus spokesperson:

“Bravus has notified the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment that is has paid $25,920 to the Department for compliance notices received earlier this month.

“Two minor compliance issues were raised by the Department in relation to a pre-clearance survey which had expired by 24 days, and an updated species management plan not being submitted within the three-month window required, following a pre-clearance survey. 

“The compliance issues were a consequence of misinterpreting project condition reporting requirements. Bravus management has since provided additional internal training to ensure our understanding of the conditions aligns with the expectations of the Department.

“Although other mining and construction companies may not make public statements regarding environmental notifications, we recognise the level of public interest in the Carmichael Project holds us to a higher standard, and we therefore place significant importance on transparent communications around our activities onsite.”


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