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Bravus partnership helps lift community rescue helicopter up

8 August 2022

Bravus partnership helps lift community rescue helicopter up

Bravus Mining and Resources will use recycled containers, cash, and fuel provisioning to help keep Central Queensland’s lifesaving RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter flying as part of a new Major Partnership.

Bravus Chief Operating Officer Mick Crowe said the company was proud to sign a new three-year agreement with the region’s not-for-profit emergency lifeline. Bravus has been supporting CQ Rescue since 2018.

“It’s a service you hope your friends, family, or workmates never have to call on, but there’s a sense of comfort in knowing the RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter is there to respond in an emergency,” he said.

“Long distances and country miles are sometimes a harsh reality of living in Central Queensland and the ability of the RACQ CQ Rescue team to get a patient from the Clermont area to Mackay Hospital in little over an hour compared to nearly four hours by road can literally be the difference between life and death.

“We had to call on RACQ CQ Rescue for help during the construction of our Project, so we know all too well the value the service provides when you need it most and we’re proud to support it for the benefit of our community.”

Mr Crowe said the partnership would see RACQ CQ Rescue continue to be the beneficiary of Bravus’ Containers from Change recycling program as well as be able to take on fuel from the Carmichael Mine’s Labona airstrip free-of-charge when needed. A cash component is also included.

“We have a large workforce that is hungry and thirsty and that has really embraced the recycling program to raise more than $30,000 for RACQ CQ Rescue already,” Mr Crowe said.

“So we think the innovative structure of this partnership will provide great long-term benefits for RACQ CQ Rescue as we continue to go from strength to strength in operations.”

RACQ CQ Rescue CEO Tim Healee said the community-funded service relied heavily on the support of corporate partners like Bravus to keep in the air and flying to the rescue.

“This is a big job. We service an area four times the size of Tasmania with round-the-clock operations 365 days a year,” Mr Healee said.

“RACO CQ Rescue is a vital part of emergency support for all workers in this region and it’s reassuring to know organisations like Bravus appreciate the value of supporting our helicopter and that with their commitment we can continue to provide our vital, lifesaving service to anyone in a time of crisis.”


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About Bravus Mining & Resources

  • Construction of the Carmichael Mine and Rail Project began in June 2019.
  • The Project has been built and is exporting high quality coal as part of an affordable and sustainable energy mix that includes generation from Adani’s extensive renewables portfolio.
  • More than 2,600 direct jobs have been provided and more than A$1 billion paid to regional Queensland contractors and businesses since construction began on the Carmichael Project.
  • Townsville and Rockhampton are the primary employment hubs for the Project.
  • Bowen is the primary employment hub for Bravus’ sister company, Bowen Rail Company.
  • Carmichael coal is high quality 5,000-5,400 kcal/kg coal with low sulphur, low trace elements and low ash which will meet the import requirements of many international markets, including those in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Carmichael coal is sold into the international seaborne export market and its ultimate destination depends on market demand.
  • Bravus has contributed more than $2 million to not-for-profit, charities, school groups and other organisations across north and central Queensland since June 2019.