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Bravus Graduate Program

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Our superstars of the future.

Bravus Mining and Resources and Bowen Rail Company businesses are both committed to developing graduate Engineers and Environmental to be our superstars of the future by developing the regional communities in which our Project operates.

Our Graduate Program is open to Engineering graduates up to 2 years post-graduation. The fields we are recruiting for 2024 are –

  • Mining Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Environmental Science

Delivered over 18 months, the graduate will be placed with senior engineering team members within the Carmichael Mine and Bowen Rail networks and will also undertake on site learning with Central Queensland University across three modules.

Key outcomes will see graduates grow into confident and productive professionals, with the capability to drive business results for our exciting project.

Our Graduate Program will use best-practice educational techniques and will not only develop the skills of the graduate, but also their interpersonal skills as a future leader of our business.

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Program Overview

Delivered across three, six-month modules, our graduates will spend their time working on site, operating on a 7-days-on, 7-days off roster.

The graduate will work on day to day operational demands, always benefiting from the tutelage of a Senior Engineer or Senior member of the Bravus or BRC team.

The on-site work is then bolstered with off-site training through our learning partner at Central Queensland University. The learning components are undertaken at either the Townsville or Rockhampton campuses.

Each module begins with a 2- or 3-day workshop, setting the scene for the module’s key areas. The graduate will attend small tutorial class sessions with a range of experiential learning activities.

Learning and development is continued during the course of the module by Central Queensland University offering online support and various online learning sessions.


Learning and development is continued during the course of the module, with Central Queensland University offering online support and various online learning sessions.


Personal Development - Communication for leadership success

Module 1 lays the foundations for professional and personal growth as a valuable team member. This module is designed to allow the graduate to understand what makes them tick, so that they can work as an active and successful member of our operations. The graduate will learn to identify communication styles, manage their own day-to-day priorities, understand emotional intelligence and be a resilient member of the team.


Contemporary Leadership

Module 2 examines how a contemporary leader contributes to the evolution of our organisations. This module will evaluate the effectiveness of various leadership models, theories, frameworks, and techniques that create success to improve. These theories and practices for the graduates influence the development of strategic decisions intended to achieve sustainable business outcomes.


Future Leader - Delivering successful projects as a leader

Module 3 identifies and builds on competencies the graduate requires to become a future leader in business. The module helps the graduate gain skills to develop their work abilities and identify new ways of doing things. Thinking outside of the square is encouraged and topics of focus include teamwork, innovation, organisational agility and leadership.


How do I apply for a graduate position?

Visit, click on the ‘Graduate Engineer’ job listing, then ‘Apply’. You will need to upload a copy of your resume and graduation certificate as part of your application.

What if I have questions?

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Any tips for applying?

Take your time and send your CV and cover letter to the email address. Double check your spelling and tell us in your own words why you want to join our program. 

What specialist fields are eligible?

The graduate program is targeting:

  • Mining Engineers

  • Civil Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Environmental Science

Are the graduate positions full time?

Yes. Our Graduate Program is full time and runs for a maximum-term contract period of 18 months.

Do I need to live in Townsville or Rockhampton to be successful in my application?

We remain committed to Townsville and Rockhampton as the primary hubs of employment for the Carmichael Project however everyone is welcome to apply particularly those graduates from the broader project footprint (e.g. Clermont).

Will I get a permanent job at the end of the Graduate Program?

During the final six months of the program we will begin discussions about the opportunities for ongoing employment and what may be available.

Will you accept a late application?

No. Please make sure you apply by the due date set out in the advertisement as we won’t be allowing late applications.

Is there a test as part of the application process?

Short-listed candidates will undergo an online psychometric test called Access Ability. There is no pass or fail – just answer honestly.

Do I need to complete a medical as part of my application?

Yes. If you are short-listed, Bravus will arrange a medical exam for you at our expense. The medical is to ensure you are fit to work on site.

Where will I be based?

All our graduate positions will be based on site, working for either the Carmichael Mine or Bowen Rail network. Occasionally some office-based work will be required as part of the Graduate Program, this will be at either our Townsville Regional Headquarters, Bravus Rockhampton Business Centre or Bowen Rail Company Head Office. You will live in camp accommodation while at site.

Where is the Carmichael Mine site?

The Carmichael Mine site is located approximately 300 kilometres west of the Queensland coast and 160km northwest of Clermont.