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Adani opens Rockhampton Business Centre for recruitment

18 October 2019

Adani opens Rockhampton Business Centre for recruitment

Adani Mining today opened its new Rockhampton Business Centre to provide a local base for supporting recruitment and contracting of local businesses for the Carmichael Project mine and rail construction and operations. 

Adani Mining CEO Lucas Dow said the business centre would help Adani deliver on its commitment to ensuring Rockhampton, along with Townsville, were the primary employment hubs for the Carmichael Project. 

“This business centre will be a great base for our contractors to work from and for us to recruit local people to fill our jobs now that construction of the Carmichael mine and rail Project is underway,” he said. 

Mr Dow said that more than $450 million worth of contracts had already been awarded and much of the work be undertaken by companies based in regional Queensland areas. 

“Since receiving our approvals we have not wasted a moment. Construction on the Carmichael mine and rail Project is well and truly underway, and our big contracts are now also lined up as we ramp up activity. 

”We are also pleased to announce that we have signed a $100 million construction contract for the Carmichael Rail Network with Australian rail experts Martinus Rail. 

“The fact that work will be delivered from our new Rockhampton office is a big win for the region and testament to the enthusiasm the people of the region have shown to getting our project off the ground. 

“We now have our mining services contractor, rail laying contractor and one of our earthworks contract for the rail project in place and all of them will also be based out of our new Rockhampton business centre, along with many other contracts which have been sourced from across regional Queensland,” he said. 

Managing Director for Martinus Rail, Mr Treaven Martinus, said basing their operations for the project at the new Adani Rockhampton Business Centre would help them secure local suppliers and employees for delivery. 

“We are a proud Australian-founded and operated company and we’ve always been highly focused on ensuring the work we deliver is resourced through regional areas that need it most, and are also often highly-skilled to deliver it,” Mr Martinus said. 

“Adani’s commitments to regional jobs for Rockhampton and other parts of Queensland is a good fit for our business, and we’re pleased to partner with a company like Adani that understands the 

importance of supporting regional communities, while also upholding the highest standards of project delivery across environmental and safety conditions. 

“We’re keen to now get started and looking forward to partnering with numerous local Rockhampton businesses and people to get our part of the project underway,” he said. 

Mr Martinus said Martinus Rail is a large-scale railway construction contractor with a focus on delivering regional railways for mining and government clients across Australia and New Zealand. 

“Our business delivers large-scale regional rail projects across Australia and we do it successfully by tapping into the local workforce, which is a commercially viable approach for us while also providing training, skills and benefits for local communities.” 

Mr Dow said Rockhampton candidates and businesses are encouraged to apply or register their interest online. 

“The business centre will be used for training sessions, meet the buyer sessions, recruitment interviews, staff induction programs, act as a base for some of our contractors and more. 

“It will be staffed by local Rockhampton people who will work hand-in-hand with Council’s Advance Rockhampton team, who are well-connected with the region and best placed to advise us on how to engage with local businesses and potential employees who want to join Adani in delivery of the Carmichael Project,” he said. 

Mr Dow said he strongly encouraged jobseekers and suppliers from Rockhampton to register their details via Adani’s website - 

“Through our employment and supplier portals people can also see Adani’s, and our contractors’, jobs and work packages being advertised as we progress with delivery of the Carmichael Project,” he said. 

“We are keen to get as many Rockhampton workers and businesses on the project as possible, and with work packages and jobs being updated on a weekly basis, now is the time to get involved.” 


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On November 5th, Adani Mining officially changed it’s name to Bravus Mining and Resources. This media release was issued prior to this change.