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Adani corrects the record on water use

25 September 2020

Adani corrects the record on water use

There’s been a lot of questions and media reports about water use on the Carmichael Project, much of it either incorrect or confusing. Please see below for the facts on the Carmichael Project’s water licence. 

The Carmichael Project went through a two-year assessment process to receive a water licence from the Queensland Government. We were required to submit extensive information including comprehensive scientific and environmental assessments. 

The Queensland Government has approved a water licence for the Carmichael mine, which states we are approved to take a maximum of 12.5GL of water annually, but only when the Suttor River system is in flood, and only once other water users, like farmers, have first taken their share. 

Our allocation represents less than 1% of the annual water flow available in the Belyando/Suttor River System (part of the Burdekin Basin). 

In the same way people often have rainwater tanks for their homes, which only collect water when it rains, we would only take up to 12.5GL from the Suttor River when it floods, and only after others first take their share. We will then store this water and use it as it is needed. 

Furthermore, we pay for this water, at the same rate as other industrial water users. 

Other water users, including farmers and miners, hold water licences for the Suttor River system. 


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On November 5th, Adani Mining officially changed it’s name to Bravus Mining and Resources. This media release was issued prior to this change.