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Adani confirms thousands of new jobs for regional Queensland

8 November 2018

Adani confirms thousands of new jobs for regional Queensland

 Adani Mining CEO, Lucas Dow, confirmed today the Carmichael Project would create thousands of new jobs in regional Queensland. 

“In the initial ramp up and construction phase there will be more than 1,500 direct jobs on the mine and rail project and thousands of indirect jobs especially in places like Rockhampton, Townsville, Mackay and the Isaac region,” he said. 

“Economic modelling, such as that used by the Queensland Resources Council in its annual resources industry economic impact report, shows that each direct job in the industry in Queensland supports another four and a half jobs in related industries and businesses, therefore we can expect to see more than 7,000 jobs created by the initial ramp up of the Carmichael Project. 

“Further jobs will be created as the mine’s capacity grows to 27.5mtpa. 

“Every job will be a new job in regional Queensland that didn’t exist before. 

“Importantly, these new jobs are not coming at the expense of jobs elsewhere in Australia as we will be selling into new markets for Australian coal.” 

Adani Mining has confirmed that Rockhampton and Townsville will remain the primary source for employees on the Carmichael Project. 

Mr Dow said the mine would use the same conventional coal mining techniques and equipment used in other Queensland coal mines. 

“That means people, not robots, will drive the trucks and excavators, fix engines in the workshops, cook the meals, and maintain the conveyor belts. 

“We are about real jobs for real people.” 


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On November 5th, Adani Mining officially changed it’s name to Bravus Mining and Resources. This media release was issued prior to this change.