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Miner move keeps Bravus Mining and Resources anchored in Townsville

28 June 2023

Miner move keeps Bravus Mining and Resources anchored in Townsville

Bravus Mining and Resources’ enduring commitment to Townsville has been further cemented with the successful move into a new Head Office.

The miner relocated from the Telstra Building in South Townsville at the end of a six-year lease – but not far; just 200m into new, fit-for-purpose, premises at the corner of McIlwraith and Dean streets.

Bravus Mining and Resources Chief Operating Officer Mick Crowe said the new multi-year tenancy aligned with the business’ commitment to being an operation that can keep employing people, keep engaging local suppliers, and keep giving back to the local community over the long term.

“What is so exciting about this new office is how it builds on the successes the Carmichael mine has enjoyed in operations to date, and how it puts our people in the right environment to continue to succeed,” Mr Crowe said

“The foundation of our commitment to providing long-term jobs and economic opportunities for our people and our local communities is us being a responsible, sustainable, miner, and our new home in McIlwraith Street is a fundamental part of that.

“We’re really pleased to still be in a fantastic part of the city with access to Palmer Street, which our people love, and now we’re even closer to the stadium for when we go to cheer on the Cowboys.”

Mr Crowe said the long-term upside for local people was enormous, with generational work and business opportunities for north and central Queenslanders in mining as people in nations like India, Vietnam, and the Philippines sought a comfortable, modern, lifestyle with fridges, consumer goods and televisions.

“The reality is global energy demand is increasing, not decreasing, as nations in Asia lift their people out of poverty by providing affordable, reliable thermal energy to partner with renewables,” he said.

“India, for example, has more people than Europe, America and Oceania put together – all up around a sixth of the world’s population – and they all want the same standard of living we enjoy in Australia.

“What that means is our export coal sector will be a vital part of the global energy mix for decades to come, and for the people of Townsville, that means a secure job for you, for your kids and your grandkids at Carmichael as an operator or a tradie or a chef or any of the dozens of roles you find on our mine site.”