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Bravus Mining & Resources response to Human Rights legal action

17 February 2024

Bravus Mining & Resources response to Human Rights legal action

The following is attributable to a Bravus Mining and Resources spokesperson:

“We wholly reject the incorrect claims made in the legal action filed by anti-coal activists in the Queensland Supreme Court yesterday.

“This legal action is the latest instalment in a 13 year-long campaign by the anti-coal activist movement to use misinformation and green lawfare to try to stop the Carmichael coal mine, near Clermont in central Queensland, which employs more than 1,300 Queenslanders and has been successfully exporting coal for more than two years.

“The case makes widely inaccurate claims about our rigorous scientific program to study and protect groundwater in and around the Carmichael mine and at the Doongmabulla springs complex which lies more than eight kilometres from the mine boundary and 11 kilometres from any mine activity.

“The case has been made in the name of one Traditional Owner family that does not represent or speak for the vast majority of Traditional Owners, it has been lodged by a team with strong links to the Environmental Defenders Office, and the accompanying public relations campaign relies on commentary by activist academics who have tried unsuccessfully to discredit our groundwater monitoring and management program for many years.

“The fact is there have been no exceedances or breaches of our groundwater conditions, with any changes in water levels recorded by our monitoring program minor ones that trigger requirements for further studies and investigations. These have been completed and have consistently shown natural variations in weather conditions and water use by pastoralists have caused fluctuations in groundwater levels where they have occurred far from the open-cut mine. This is evidence of the checks and balances in place to protect groundwater are working well.

“Evidence of hydrocarbons in water samples collected kilometres from the mine have similarly not been caused by mining operations but were found to be localised to casing materials for water sampling wells.”


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